“We’ve hung in there:” Hayek Pharmacy closes after 100 years in business in Shorewood

Hayek Pharmacy

SHOREWOOD -- Tuesday, Jan. 9 was the last day of business at Hayek Pharmacy in Shorewood, which has served customers at the corner of Downer and Capitol for 100 years!

A Shorewood drug store will close on Jan. 9, after being in business at the same location for 100 years.

"There are a lot of customers in mourning," said Matthew Hayek, manager.

The pharmacy opened back in 1917. Matthew Hayek on the final day of business showed FOX6 News a photo taken the year before his grandfather Ernie opened the doors.

Hayek Pharmacy

Matthew Hayek

"The phones were just ringing off the hook, (with customers saying) 'I've been coming here so long. I can't believe the news,'" said Bill Quandt, owner and pharmacist.

Hayek said Quandt, 85,  will retire and sell the building.

"It goes back to our customer base, and we have a loyal customer base and that's what's driven us for 100 years," said Hayek.

Hayek Pharmacy

Hayek Pharmacy

Hayek Pharmacy

Tuesday, Jan. 9 was the final day spent filling prescriptions at Hayek. The nearly 800 active customers have been picked up by Thompson Drug down the street.

Judy Hayek-Markiewicz

"I've seen a lot of hugging, a few tears," said Judy Hayek-Markiewicz.

Hayek-Markiewicz said customers were most interested in saying "thank you" for so many years for business.

"I think people thought when Walmart and Walgreens came, that Hayek's would be a goner, but we've hung in there and I'm very proud of that," said Hayek-Markiewicz.