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CES 2018: Tech for healthy living

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Technology for the mind and body! Take a look at some of the latest advances in healthy living at CES 2018.

What started out as a gadget show has evolved into much more. This year at CES in Las Vegas we’re seeing technology take over just about every aspect of our lives – including how we get and stay healthy.

“We’re … seeing more robotics, more health care, more sports technology and of course, artificial intelligence,” explained Gary Shapiro, president of CTA, the trade group that puts on CES each year.

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Here’s a look at some of the interesting health and wellness related items I saw on display.

Kholer Connect

Kholer is at CES for the very first time. They’re showing off all kinds of connected items for the bathroom and kitchen. I saw a bathroom mirror with built-in lights – and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Their smart bathtub knows when to stop filling up and the smart shower adjusts to your liking.

“You can walk in and ask it to start your morning shower – it knows the temperature you want,” explained  Steven Maliszewski of Kholer. He explained that consumers want a connected bathroom but don’t necessarily want to put gadgets like a Google Home or Echo on their countertop.

Neutrogena Skin 360 Scanner

Neutrogena has an iPhone accessory that helps you pick out the right cosmetics for your skin.

“It’s  laboratory grade imaging. It looks for pores wrinkles and moisture. It has a moisture sensor around the edge, then it recommends a skin product regimen based on the analysis of your skin,” explained Naomi Furgiuele of Johnson & Johnson, the company that owns Neutrogena.

Right now the gadget only recommends Neutrogena products, but that could change in the future as the company builds out it’s matching database. Look for the $50 device later this year.

Kolibree Magik Toothbrush

This is a connected toothbrush that communicates with your phone in an effort to get kids to brush better. It uses an augmented reality mobile game to teach kids the right way to brush. The more they do right, the more monsters they destroy with scrubbing bubbles.

“They brush longer, they brush better because we make sure they are making the right movements and they are brushing everywhere,” said Leonie Williamson of Kolibree. No price yet on the toothbrush.

Electron Electric Bike Wheel Kit

The San Diego company showing off the latest and greatest version of its wheel that makes any bike electric in 30 seconds. The wheel kit is $800 and looks pretty impressive.

“We have a motor, battery and sensors all self-contained in the wheel. Those are going to work together to take you up to 20 miles an hour and up to 50 miles on a charge,” explained James Parker of Electron Wheel.

Aurasens Chair

This was an interesting experience. I put on some headphones and was told to lie back in a lounge chair. Next thing I knew, music was pumping through my ears – and my entire body! The chair is rigged up to provide gentle, haptic feedback in the form of vibrations from head to toe. It brings the music to life so you feel the sound.

“Because you feel all these things on your body and you listening to something — you know, music — you disconnect. So you don’t think about anything else – you’re fully inside this experience,” explained Oliver Zeller of Aurasens.

Just be prepared to brace yourself over the price tag – it costs over $20,000! Zeller says the company hopes to make a less expensive version soon.

Thanks to Argento SC and their “South Beach” accessories setup at CES for letting us shoot at their booth!

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