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Milwaukee Police Association president lays out qualities he wants to see in a new police chief

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Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn will retire on Feb. 16, and the search has begun for a new leader of the Milwaukee Police Department.

On Wednesday, Jan. 10, Michael Crivello, president of the Milwaukee Police Association revealed the qualities they want in a new chief:

“A police department must be lead by an experienced, respected police officer; not a career administrator. A chief does not need to be liked by those he leads, but must be respected – a respect earned of his/her actions. That chief must be believed by the community of which each individual household has entrusted their family’s safety/security to the righteous actions of the department – lead by an honorable chief.

A chief must be of open-mind. Engaged with the community, willing to understand and work with organizations and individuals; while at the same time, must possess the ability to articulate law and purpose over political pander.

A good chief must understand the importance of morale, know how to foster growth and encourage exemplary performance. The chief should display humility, dignity of character and confidence in personal performance and decision.

Our professional, superior performing police officers deserve the opportunity of success. This Super Bowl team should expect that their next leader… coach – CHIEF is up to the task to ensure their success.

In the journey to obtain the right person, we reassert:

The MPA strongly urges the Fire and Police Commission to thoroughly examine the past performances, to include the character of all future candidates. We further expect of the FPC, an open process of which the evidence based opinions and experienced guidance of the law enforcement community will be heard.”


Still up in the air is whether Chief Flynn’s replacement will fill out the remaining two years of Flynn’s term, or start a fresh four-year term.

It is anticipated that someone in the department will be named acting chief when Flynn retires.

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