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“A really big uptick in accidents this year:” Icy roads create dangerous driving conditions

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MILWAUKEE -- As temperatures drop, the number of accidents on the road ways goes up. In weather like this they're bound to happen. The people over at Prestige Auto Works in Milwaukee, a collision repair shop, said business has been booming.

It's been a dangerous 24-hours on the roads... from a car going off the road and into a pond at Grant Park to a jackknifed semi blocking traffic on I-43. The crew at Prestige Auto Works said reckless driving and dangerous road conditions are a recipe for disaster.

"We've seen a really big uptick in accidents this year both because of the weather as well as people are driving inattentively and recklessly," Keith Raskin with Prestige Auto Works said.

Keith Raskin

As a result, the number of people coming through their doors needing their car fixed has gone up significantly - on average 20 to 30 cars a week.

"Bumpers, a lot of bumpers - front and rear - from just sliding into each other. To some pretty significant repairs in the $10,000 to $20,000 range," Raskin said.

The average cost to repair a car that has been in an accident fluctuates: depending on the car that's damaged, how severe the damage is, and if a part needs to be replaced.

"People are surprised if they have just a bumper and a headlight, but the cost of parts today is so expensive on cars because cars are so technologically advanced," Raskin said.

While the number of accidents going up isn't entirely surprising. Something that is - relates to what people are hitting.

"We saw an uptick in deer hits," Raskin said. "We saw more deer hits this year than we probably have in the last 5 to 10 years."

Car fixed and ready to go - if you're out on the roads this winter - drive defensively.

If you get into an accident, and you're not sure what to do next. Raskin said contacting a shop as soon as possible to get your vehicle looked at is important. And, having paperwork with you explaining who's going to be paying for the repairs is also needed to make this process move smoothly.

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