Captured: U.S. Marshals arrest 26-year-old Peter Cotton, wanted for parole violation after sex assault

RACINE -- U.S. Marshals captured 26-year-old Peter Cotton, a man who also goes by the names of "Pierre" and "Pete" Cotton, thanks to a viewer tip.

Described as having an explosive temper, Cotton was on the run since 2015. Despite the warrants already stacked against him, agents said he continued to break the law.

“Peter Cotton is wanted for a parole violation of sexual assault,” the agent on his case explained during the search for Cotton.

Cotton has a criminal record containing theft, stolen property and drug charges. He was arrested for sexual assault in 2010. The victim was under the age of 15.

“He also has two warrants with Racine County: One for failure to register as a sex offender and a second one he picked up in December, for endangering the safety of another individual with use of a dangerous weapon,” the agent said.

Again -- Cotton was taken into custody.