Motorcycle ice racing back at Wilson Park after 30 years, raises money for cancer research

MILWAUKEE -- Raising money for cancer research has likely never been this loud, or cold. A Milwaukee man on Sunday, Jan. 14 brought back a once-common winter sport, and the turnout was much bigger than expected.

Motorcycle ice racing was back at Wilson Park in Milwaukee for the first time in 30 years!

"Probably half the racing we do is charity racing," Joey Haupt said.

Haupt said he started racing his 125 Yamaha a few years ago.

"They've got 1,000 modified sheet metal screws in the rear tire, about 800 ice racing screws in the front tire," Haupt said.

Haupt competes in the 40s+ class, and battled his way to the finals.

"I fought my way back. I got taken out. I started from the second row and fought back. It was totally awesome," Haupt said.

Ron Brefka

Planning for the event happened from Ron Brefka's hospital bed.

"The whole idea was for everyone to come out and have some fun and enjoy the races. I'm a cancer survivor, so the High Voltage show  is a fundraiser for cancer research," Brefka said.

Entry fees and donations would benefit pancreatic cancer research. The attendance was far better than even Brefka expected.

"Several thousand people, which is a really incredible turnout," Brefka said.

As for the finals, #50 Joey Haupt ran into some trouble on the third turn, but that matters far less when you think about what crossing the finish line really means for those fighting cancer.