“We just help each other clean up:” Neighbors help neighbors when the snow adds up

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Digging out proved to be a continual process Monday, Jan. 15 as a winter storm moved through SE Wisconsin. Racine County was one of the counties included in a winter weather advisory in effect until Tuesday morning -- and it was a bit of a challenge to keep roadways, driveways and sidewalks clear of slick spots, but Department of Public Works crews and residents in the Mount Pleasant area said because of the way the flakes were falling, they were able to stay on top of it all.

Clearing snow in Mount Pleasant

"I use the snow blower and he cleans up what I miss," said Annmarie Ruffalo. "We just help each other clean up."

Neighbors in Racine worked as a team on Monday -- clearing the snow. For 84-year-old Raymond Francois, the labor was welcomed.

"Gotta have exercise," Francois said. "As long as I can walk and do stuff like that, I love to do it."

Clearing snow in Mount Pleasant

Francois and Ruffalo made sure to do it safely.

Clearing snow in Mount Pleasant

"We have to come out here two to three times per day," Ruffalo said.

With several inches of snow falling in waves, the removal was relatively easy.

"It's perfect because it gives me a break," said Dale Larsen.

The accumulation was work for many, but also resulted in a play day for kids who were off from school. Children and adults alike took advantage of the fresh powder -- enjoying the small triumphs of winter.

Snow sledding in Racine County

Snow sledding in Racine County

Some said they consider this latest round of weather as a win for Mother Nature.

Clearing snow in Mount Pleasant

"We do need it to snow to keep the plants going in the spring, cover the grass, so we don`t get freeze-offs," Ruffalo said. "Insulate them. If you don't have any snow and freezing cold weather, everything dies."

For many reasons, folks in Racine County said they will take this round of snow over the bitter cold temperatures any day.

"It's nice enough now where it's not super cold -- and I'd like to keep it where we can have enjoyable time outside," said Amanda Ayala.