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Water main break floods streets in Sheboygan; plow drivers work 16-hour shifts clearing roads

Water main break in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN -- Sheboygan Water Utility workers were busy dealing with a water main break at 13th and Grand on Monday evening, Jan. 15. Sheboygan was one of the heaviest hit spots as a winter storm dumped snow across parts of SE Wisconsin.

As of 3:00 p.m. Monday, the FOX6 Weather Experts said 7.5 inches of snow and counting had fallen in Sheboygan -- one of two counties that remained under a winter storm warning until noon Tuesday. Heavy snow made for poor visibilities as a FOX6 crew drove up to Sheboygan Monday morning, and there was lake-effect snow falling Monday afternoon and evening.

Officials said they were called to the scene of the gusher of a water main break around 5:00 p.m. Water had to be shut off at least one block in each direction as crews worked to identify the problem. Customers in the area were told they'd be without water or with low pressure while repairs were made.

They've had 14 water main breaks in Sheboygan in January for various reasons -- which is apparently typical. Breaks can be caused by many things including temperature. Temperature can cause pressure which caused the water to come to the surface.

Sheboygan Department of Public Works

As utility crews were busy working to identify the problem and repair it, crews with the Sheboygan Department of Public Works and others worked to clear the roads.

"This is my first year plowing," Al McBroom said.

He does tree service at Parm's Landscape Management when it's warm, and snow plowing when it's cold. Before he even got to work on Monday, he helped a driver who got stuck at the Country Village Apartments.

"It's hard because there's so many cars at any given time in there," McBroom said.

Al McBroom

Al McBroom

Al McBroom

They would clear the complex and head to the next job.

Sheboygan Department of Public Works

"'It's hard being a plow driver when everybody's got somewhere to be -- and especially on a Monday. You got places to be, we got places to be. We always have a next destination to get to," McBroom said.

Sheboygan DPW crews worked 16-hour shifts, plowing and salting.

"We have a rock salt and a brine that we make here. Prolonged events get challenging," a DPW official said.

There were 12 plow trucks on the roads Monday night -- with crews working 16-hour shifts, along with four tractors.

Winter parking rules -- also being enforced amid this winter storm. CLICK HERE to learn more.