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Snow removal crews thankful for the return of winter weather: ‘We are way below average’

OZAUKEE COUNTY -- If your business is clearing snow, you haven't done a lot of it this winter, but Wisconsin's most recent snowfall is giving people another chance to dig out -- and they're happy to do it.

"We started (Monday) at 7 in the morning," said Michael Decker, snow removal contractor.

Snowfall in Port Washington kept drivers like Decker moving since early Monday.

"Three trucks out, loader...and sidewalk crew," said Decker.

The storm dropped several inches around Port Washington and surrounding areas. As Decker and his fleet went to work, they didn't expect what happened next...

Michael Decker

"We took a 2-hour break (Monday) night, and we're just doing cleanup right now," said Decker.

Lake-effect snow kicked in and Decker's long day got a lot longer, but it wasn't all bad, because he said he counts this as only the second measurable snowfall in Port Washington since winter started -- so he and his crew can use the work!

"Oh yeah! We are way below average for what we would like to see," said Decker.

Any snowfall is good for business, but the snow that fell Sunday-Tuesday was the light, fluffy variety -- easy to kick around.

Thomas Mcilree

"Absolutely! Much easier. Easier on the equipment. Makes everything good to go," said Thomas Mcilree, snow removal contractor.

FOX6 caught Mcilree in between jobs. He said he was able to take on more calls because he was clearing this snow much faster than the heavy stuff.

"I've got to keep going. I've got to head down the Thiensville area," said Mcilree.

Decker would keep at it too, because this winter, there's catching up to do.

"In December, there was one 4-incher, and not too much other than that," said Decker.