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“We want justice served:” Dozens march for answers after man shot 6 times by Racine police

RACINE -- Friends and family of a man killed by a Racine police officer continue to demand answers about the circumstances surrounding the incident. The group gathered on Friday, January 19th, and marched to Racine's City Hall and the Racine Police Department making sure their message was heard loud and clear.

Donte Shannon

It's been a whirlwind 48 hours for the family of 26-year-old Donte Shannon. Family says they've been informed he was shot six times by a Racine police officer on Wednesday, January 17th. He leaves a young daughter behind.

Friday, dozens united and marched from 14th and Park, to the police department showing their support for his family.

According to authorities, during a Wednesday traffic stop near 14th and Villa St., Shannon fled the vehicle he was in and allegedly aimed a gun at officers. Police say the reason for the stop was the vehicle didn't have a front license plate. The investigation is being led by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

"It's a reason to stop him. It's a made-up reason," said John Shannon, victim's grandfather.

The group demanded to speak with the chief of police. Shannon's father doesn't believe his son would pull a gun on police. He wants more information on the circumstances of the shooting.

"We want to let everybody know that we are not standing for what happened. I want people to know that we are doing this peacefully. We want answers. We want closure. We want justice served," said Nakia Shannon, victim's father.

The group didn't meet with the chief. They then moved on to City Hall where they demanded to speak with the mayor.

The mayor's office says he was out of town at a meeting.

Loved ones are now vowing they won't stop until their questions are answered.

Nakia Shannon

"We were at the hospital for four hours before they told us he was dead on arrival. They already moved his body when we asked to see his body for the last time. We couldn't see because they already moved him. There's no closure for us to say goodbye to him in a proper manner," said Nakia.

Requests for comment for both the mayor and the chief of police have not been answered.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice will hold a news conference on the shooting on Monday, January 22nd.

The family says the funeral will most like be next Friday, January 26th.