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Government shutdown: Here’s how it may affect you

Milwaukee Federal Building

MILWAUKEE -- We might start to feel the impact of the government shutdown in our area, when federal employees usually would go back to work. If Congress can't reach an agreement by Monday, experts say The Milwaukee Federal Building will close, limiting access to the services inside.

As day one of the shutdown comes to an end, some Milwaukee residents fear a compromise is still far off.

Patrick Jaszczak

"I feel like things have been moving pretty slowly under the Trump administration," said Patrick Jaszczak, Milwaukee resident.

Patrick Jaszczak, is a traveling nurse but says his livelihood could now be in jeopardy if the IRS office -- located downtown in the federal building -- doesn't open.

"A lot of income for travel nurses comes from tax-free stipends. And a lot of that is changing under Trump's new tax plan. So we've been trying to talk with the IRS because nobody is really sure how that is working yet," said Jaszczak.

U.S. Capitol Building

It's one of many concerns heading into Monday, when non-essential federal services remain closed from the weekend.

Mordecai Lee

Mordecai Lee, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor, says, "Yeah we're still going to get the mail and Social Security checks are going to go out, but what about if you want to go up the national forest to go camping or you want to go the national park up north? What if you want to go to the Social Security office or the medicare office to change your address?"

The good news, UW-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee, predicts the shutdown won't last long.

"I'd speculate there's going to be a compromise or pseudo-compromise sometime between sort of late Sunday and late Monday. In other words, before it really disrupts things," Lee said.

Around 750 civilian employees in the Wisconsin National Guard could also be furloughed starting Monday.

Meanwhile, military members are exempt; they'll still report for duty but will not receive a paycheck during the shutdown. That way they are ready in case of an emergency.

Milwaukee Federal Building