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Plan Commission approves designs for pedestrian mall blocks from new Bucks’ arena

New Bucks arena

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks have been given the green light by the City of Milwaukee's Plan Commission to move forward with a pedestrian mall just blocks from the new arena.

On Monday afternoon, Jan. 22, architects for the latest Bucks' project presented to the Plan Commission pictures showing what the site could look like, east of the new arena.

"Those are the regions that are being proposed to be converted into the pedestrian mall," Audry Grill with Rinka Chung Architecture said.

The project would feature access to restaurants, a beer garden and convenience, because it's just a few blocks from the new arena. The total costs for the project and a completion date weren't brought up at the hearing Monday.

Designers said the mall would connect the Bucks with the neighborhood.

Bucks pedestrian mall

Bucks pedestrian mall

"Create a lot of avenues for pedestrians to flow through this area and activate that business will be brought to the plaza in some of these new buildings," Grill said.

A steel overhang will hold Bucks' banners and lighting for pedestrians to walk under at night. A key focus of this wasn't just to funnel people to games, but also to create a safe space for pedestrians.

Bucks pedestrian mall