‘It’s more than I can ever wish for:’ Muskego business owner donates unique table to paralyzed artist

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MUSKEGO -- It was the right thing to do. That's why a Muskego business owner says he donated a table to a Wisconsin artist. But this table is anything but ordinary.

"I love doing art. I love painting," said Ben Karr.

To really admire Karr's work, you have to back away from the canvas and take in the scene. That's when you'll see what makes Karr's art unique has little to do with the color on the canvas -- and everything to do with how he gets it there.

"That's how I started. I went and got a children's coloring book. You gotta start somewhere," said Karr.

A boating accident stole Karr's ability to move his arms and legs -- shattering his neck and dream of being a fire inspector. But it did not break Karr's spirit.

"Sometimes mess ups turn into things you don't think you want, but it turns out," said Karr.

Ben Karr

Ben Karr

Determined to do something he could do before the accident, Karr put a pen in his mouth and wrote his name.

"You have to swirl your tongue around, hold pressure in spots to do a 'b'," said Karr.

Ben Karr

A few letters turned into flowers --  and flowers turned into landscapes.

Tim Williams

A local newspaper picked up Karr's story. Tim Williams, the owner of Office Furniture Options, read it. That's when he picked up the phone.

"I wanted to give him a height-adjustable table, because I think it would make life easier, and he agreed. So here we are now," said Tim Williams.

The electric table allows Karr to get closer to his canvas on his own -- providing comfort and independence.

"It's more than I can ever wish for," said Karr.

"You just come through moments in your life when you say 'this is the right thing to do'. And this is one of those moments," said Williams.

Karr believes in paying it forward -- and will donate the art he creates to a children's charity.

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