MPS students put through the paces in Bango Boot Camp; ‘Making sure the kids stay active’

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks have teamed up with Milwaukee Public Schools and Froedtert Hospital to challenge students to be fit in more ways than one.

If decibels are any indication of potential success, the students at Rogers Street Academy will have no problem with the Bucks' 30-Day Challenge.

Bango Boot Camp at Rogers Street Academy

"Making sure that the kids stay active. Making sure that they are eating good food versus eating all the junk food," said Roman Cruz, principal at Rogers Street Academy.

Bango Boot Camp at Rogers Street Academy

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, students were put through a Bango Boot Camp, demonstrating to students how to eat well, get to school on time and stay active.

"Four schools, a total of 1,200 kids this week. But the program will continue and our hope is we are going to be able to triple that number," Cruz said.

The program is called "BucksFit." It encourages students to make healthy choices.

Bango Boot Camp at Rogers Street Academy

"Partnering and aligning our efforts, making sure kids have a healthy lifestyle, they're in school and their academic score will increase automatically," Cruz said.

For the next month, students are challenged to eat five fruits and vegetables a day, exercise and play for 60 minutes, and have 100 percent class attendance.

"It is a 30-day challenge. But really, the challenge for them is to stay healthy long-term," Cruz said.