‘Quite a shock!’ Kenosha Co. residents wake up to winter wonderland; up to 9 inches of fresh snow

KENOSHA COUNTY -- Snow was the name of the game our area Tuesday, Jan. 23, and it wasn't a light dusting for some this time. Kenosha, Paddock Lake and Salem are all areas that saw up to 9 inches of snowfall and many said they're more than fine with it!

"It was quite a shock! I was like 'wow,'" said Rachel Bracey.

Waking up to the snowfall brought a smile to the faces of children. Kenosha Unified schools closed, as Kenosha County got 8 to 9 inches of heavy, wet snow.

"I was so surprised there was so much snow because it rained so much (Monday)," said Rebecca Bracey.

Kids wasted little time rushing to area sledding hills to enjoy it. Bracey brought seven kids to enjoy the day, not only her own, but some from the neighborhood.

"We're happy to be home because the kids love to play in the snow and we haven't had a lot of snow so far this year so far," said Bracey.

Older kids could be seen helping out on a day when everyone could use it.

"My grandma came to my room at 5:30, and she was like, 'school's canceled!' And I was like 'thank you' because I was really tired and then I didn't want to get up," said Kelsi Santos.

City and county plows and salters kept streets clear, and the heavy snow meant a lot of plowing for private plow truck operators.


"Residential, commercial. It's been a long day," said Jim Hora, snow plow driver. "Make a little bit of money today -- so it's all good!"

This was a very wet snow, so cleaning it all up should be done with caution.

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