Milwaukee Co. Board chairman to introduce proposal to keep Schulz Aquatic Center open

Schulz Aquatic Center

MILWAUKEE — Theo Lipscomb, chairman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors is working on a plan to keep the Schulz Aquatic Center open.

Lipscomb is planning to introduce a proposal Thursday, Jan. 25 to end unauthorized bonuses for staff and cut down travel budgets.

He said that could free up $250,000 in the budget and keep the pool funded for 2018.

The county’s Finance and Audit Committee meeting will meet Thursday to discuss the pool.

Earlier this month, we reported funding for the Schulz Aquatic Center near Hampton and Green Bay in Milwaukee is drying up after controversial budget cuts, and could soon close. After Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s controversial $60 wheel tax was rejected by the Milwaukee County Board and spending was slashed, Abele said there’s little choice.

“I didn’t want to have to do that, which is why I proposed and urged the board to pass the budget we had,” Abele said.

Abele said the rejected plan would have covered funding for line items like keeping the pool open.

A petition was launched in response to the potential closure — and Abele urged residents to call their county supervisors and ask that they reconsider. He said there are a number of other cuts and closures that will happen as a result of the budget.