Racine Curling Club: Curling involves skill, teamwork and plenty of effort

RACINE -- In just a few weeks, the eyes of the world will be on South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics. You may never get to pull off a triple-lutz or rocket down a hill, but one sport is a little more attainable. Carl is giving curling at the Racine Curling Club.

About Racine Curling Club (website)

The Racine Curling Club was formally organized on March 2, 1954, with Judge J. Allen Simpson as president. There were 28 charter members. Outdoor ice was used at places like Horlick Field, Root River, Hatter’s Sand Pit, and Armstrong Park. Snow, sun, sand, cold winds and heaves and cracks in the ice made it a game for only the most dedicated. The Grand Opening of the indoor Racine Curling Club was held on February 26, 1966, with Scottish Pipers in kilts leading the way. The Racine Curling Club today provides wintertime activities for over 160 adult and youth curlers from throughout South-East Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

The Racine Curling Club is Located at 1914 Melvin Avenue, turn east from Mt. Pleasant Street at the Gard-Tec sign.  Melvin Avenue does not go through to Douglas Avenue at our location.