Add some balance to your life: The balls that could help you sculpt your best body

MILWAUKEE -- Could you use some stability in your life? All you need is a ball, some dumbbells and may a BOSU Ball. Michael Sweeney with Sweeney's Gym joins Real Milwaukee with a workout that targets your core.

About Sweeney's Gym (website)

Sweeney’s Gym, owned and operated by Michael Sweeney, a local fitness expert and personal trainer, has built a community at his gym, a place where people can go to work out, unwind, and get fit. Over the years, Sweeney’s Gym has seen a variety of clientele, including WWE Super Stars, Nashville Country performers, and our very own Miss Wisconsin, Bishara Dorre, just to name a few. Stacy and Leif sat down with Mike Sweeney to hear more about the story behind Sweeney’s Gym and how his business has grown and developed over the past 10 years.