“Grate” tasting and good for you: How to incorporate cheese into your diet

MILWAUKEE -- If your New Year's resolution was to eat healthier this year -- we have some good news.  You don't have to give up cheese! Laura Wilford with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board joins Real Milwaukee.

The holidays are over and 2018 is here! For many of us, that means making a resolution to eat healthier and lucky for us, cheese is a nutritious choice that deliciously fits into most eating plans. As part of a healthy, balanced diet, cheese contributes high-quality protein as well as calcium.

Recipe: Vegetable Frittata with Asiago Cheese

Recipe: Three-Bean Chili with Colby

On a cold snowy evening, nothing can warm you up more than a bowl of hot chili with Wisconsin cheese sprinkled on top.

Colby is similar to cheddar with its mild flavor. Its golden in color and great for cooking, putting on sandwiches and snacks. It's softer than cheddar and has a more open texture with a mild, milky flavor.

Colby is 100% Wisconsin because colby cheese was first produced in Colby, Wisconsin in 1885.

When shopping for colby at the store, you may see it referred to as longhorn colby, which is a style of American colby cheese defined by its round, long, orange cylindrical shape. When it is cut for packaging it resembles a moon or half-moon shape.