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Simplisafe: The DIY home security system has some upgrades

Simplisafe has been around for several years now... The company is known for it's DIY home security system you install yourself. Recently the company unveiled some major upgrades to their system - here's a look.

You can install this DIY home security system.

"What we saw was an industry not serving its customers terribly well," Chad Laurans said.

Chad Laurans is founder and CEO of Simplisafe. We're at the their tiny home outfitted with the company's latest, third generation system.
"We designed a product and a product and a service and experience that was much lower friction, less hassle, easy to install home security," Laurans said.

There are no contracts... Professional monitoring starts at $15 a month. The system begins with a base station, which has cellular and wifi connections -- plus a backup battery. Components connect wirelessly to report open doors, glass breaks and more.

"That's another piece that we've upgraded in the system is that wireless communication layer. We've extended the range of the sensors over 1000 feet at the same time making the sensors even smaller and the battery life last even longer," Laurans said.

Buy just the pieces you need for your home. There are water and temperature sensors plus connected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. One unique feature of Simplisafe's security cameras.

"With your permission we are going to allow the dispatch center to review that alarm footage. They can see an actual intrusion in progress and they can get priority response from the police or fire department," Laurans said.

A steel shutter blocks the camera lens when you're home.

"It lets you know at a glance that nobody could possibly be looking through this camera," Laurans said.


coming soon, a video doorbell, a smart lock and a wireless outdoor camera with a built-in spotlight. It'll last a year on a charge. A Simplisafe base system starts at $230. Then you build it up with just the components you need. It is a fantastic home security system - super easy to install.