‘This is what you all did:’ JJ Watt shares video as family moves back into home destroyed by Harvey

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HOUSTON, Texas — Remember when J.J. Watt raised $37 million for Hurricane Harvey relief? Grab your tissues, because families impacted by the disaster are moving back home, and video shared by Watt on social media Friday, Jan. 26 will hit you right in the “feels.”

The Texans superstar shared the update on Friday, later shared by TMZ — revealing after a 6-month renovation, one Houston family was finally able to move back into the home where they had lived for 45 years.

The Leonards were the first family Watt visited following his season-ending leg injury. They had to be rescued twice during Hurricane Harvey, and their house was destroyed, according to TMZ.

The Leonards were finally able to move back in on Friday, and Mr. Leonard joked that the home is in even better shape now than when they bought the house 46 years ago!

“I just want to say thank you to everybody that helping me and my wife get back in our sanctuary,” Leonard said. “Because after six months, I’ve learned a lot by not being in the house. I’ve lived here, I’ve lived there and it’s nothing like home.”

Watt on Friday also shared photos of a school he helped rebuild thanks to your generous donations.

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