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U.S. Marshals seek 26-year-old Phillip Crayton, registered sex offender who cut off GPS tracker

MILWAUKEE -- U.S Marshals are searching for a registered sex offender who's recently cut off his GPS monitoring device. Milwaukee police issued a warrant for his arrest after accusations of child abuse.

“Obviously our main concern is that he will offend again,” the agent handling his case said. “The past history of abusing juveniles is something that we take seriously.”

Milwaukee man, Phillip Crayton, has been accused and convicted of crimes law enforcement does not take lightly.

Crayton has two warrants out for his arrest. One is from the Milwaukee Police Department for a child abuse incident at the start of the new year. Police say he's accused of intentionally slamming a six-year-old child onto the ground, causing a broken bone.

The 26-year-old is a lifetime registered sex offender. Agents say he cut off his GPS monitoring device following violent allegations. The other warrant against him is for a parole violation.

“Our main goal is to get him off the street immediately and hold him accountable for his actions,” the agent said.

Court documents show Crayton has a history of praying on the vulnerable. He's been charged with sex crimes against children ages 14 and under, twice.

Prosecutors in one case say, Crayton attacked his victim while they were sleeping. The assault happened on the city's north side near North 46th and West Lloyd Street.

Prosecutors also say the victim was "crying and very frightened" trying over and over to push Crayton off of them but he wouldn't stop.When the assault was over he told the victim, "you better not tell anybody."

Victims in his cases spoke out and were able to send him behind bars. Now the concern is without supervision he could strike again.

“If you see Mr. Crayton, don't approach him. Contact law enforcement and we will make contact with him...we want to get him off the street so he doesn't harm another child,” the agent said.

If you have information that could help Marshals track Crayton down, you're encouraged to contact the tip line at 414-297-3707. You will remain anonymous.