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‘She’s having a seizure:’ MCTS driver comforts terrified 6-year-old after woman passed out in front of bus

MILWAUKEE -- Officials with the Milwaukee County Transit System on Tuesday, Jan. 30 shared another video showing a bus driver who jumped into action to help during a difficult situation.

According to MCTS, as Michelle Mixon was driving her bus near 76th and Mill, she came upon a frightening scene. A woman passed out in front of the bus, and the woman's 6-year-old daughter ran to the bus for help -- crying and screaming "Mommmy."

Mixon rushed out of her seat and picked the girl up. The girl said her mother was having a seizure, and indicated she was scared.

Mixon comforted the girl as strangers rushed to help her mother. MCTS officials said one man even took off his coat on a freezing cold day to warm the woman up.

Paramedics arrived to treat the woman, and MCTS officials said "Mixon held the girl tightly" and reassured her they were going to take good care of her mother. She stayed with the girl until the ambulance was ready to leave.

MCTS officials are praising Mixon for her kindness during this tough situation -- and for going above and beyond.