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‘You think it can’t happen to you?’ Acting Sheriff Schmidt offers straight talk on reckless driving in new PSA

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt released on Wednesday, Jan. 31 a public service announcement on reckless driving behaviors  including speed and drunk driving.

Acting Sheriff Schmidt has made it known over the past few months that the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office takes reckless driving seriously. The office has had multiple saturation patrols — and arrested dozens of drunk drivers and handed out numerous citations, especially over the holidays (see related stories below). In fact, on Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017, Schmidt himself stopped a driver traveling more than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit — and traveling recklessly in the Mitchell Interchange.

Here’s the text of the sheriff’s message in the PSA.

“You like fast driving? I sure do. I used to be an amateur drag racer and I love to hear the roar of the engine and to feel the exhilaration of high speeds. That has no place on our highways. This is the result of reckless driving on the expressway system including alcohol and speed. You think it can’t happen to you? It can. Slow down, drive sober and stay alive.”

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