Women charged with child abuse, accused of beating kids, forcing them to eat dog feces

MARDELA SPRINGS, Md. — Maryland State Police say three children endured physical beatings and were reportedly forced to eat dog feces.

A Wednesday, Jan. 31 news release says investigators determined the victims lived with Amanda Wright, 29, and her live-in girlfriend Besline Joseph, 25.

Police say they were reportedly fed a diet of bread, water, oatmeal and at times forced to eat dog feces.

An investigation revealed the children, ages 8, 9 and 10, also endured physical beatings, were assaulted with an electronic control device and that they were reportedly locked in closets and a basement.

Wright and Joseph were charged with three counts each of first-degree child abuse, among other offenses. The relationship between the women and the children was not immediately known.

It’s unclear if either of the woman have lawyers.