Snow Lilly the polar bear makes Groundhog Day prediction at the Milwaukee County Zoo

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MILWAUKEE -- Groundhog Day in Milwaukee, but no groundhog?  Not a problem for the keepers over at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Almost a year after the zoo's groundhog passed away -- keepers say they can still celebrate the holiday.

"We determined that back in Europe where it all kind of started -- they used to use badgers and bears to predict the weather," Beth Rich with the Milwaukee County Zoo said.

Snow Lilly was the bear who dozens of people looked to forecast the next six weeks of weather. One of those people is Jennifer Rittmann, and her stuffed groundhog "Jimmy."

"I grew up with Groundhog Day. It was my dad's favorite holiday. It was just something that we really celebrated," Rittmann said.

On Friday morning, February 2nd, Snow Lilly was lured out of her home with food, but paused a moment to check for a shadow. The expert's forecast...

"The official prediction is she saw her shadow six more weeks of winter," Rich said.

An unpopular prediction according to some of the groans from the crowd. Many of the spectators went indoors to warm up and learn more about polar bears. Back out in the cold, Arctic animals like the polar bear, are enjoying the winter weather. The question that remains now is -- are you? Rittmann said it's all in how you look at it.

"If the groundhog saw its shadow its six more weeks of winter. If he didn't see his shadow, it is six more weeks until spring," Rittmann said.

If you're looking for something to do during the next six weeks of winter, zoo keepers say you should come check them out. Several animals there are cold weather creatures, so you'll see them in engage with you in a way you otherwise would not.