Gov. Walker expects upcoming gubernatorial race to be a challenge

Scott Walker

WAUKESHA — With the gubernatorial race coming up this year, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is stepping up its preparations. Governor Scott Walker was in Waukesha on Saturday, February 3rd meeting with party members.

Gov. Walker says last month’s race for Wisconsin’s tenth Senate district turned out to be a wake-up call, after a Democrat won in a traditionally conservative area.

Walker says he expects the gubernatorial election to be a tough one.

“I think it will be as challenging a race as I’ve ever had. That includes the recall,” said Walker. “I think this will be as tough cause we’re going against prevailing wins, I think for us, we have to get out person-to-person, door to door, making that contact.”

Nine Democrats are slated to square off in the August primary. The winner will take on Walker.