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Plymouth father shares his snow removal secret: ‘Give them a couple bucks’ ❄️

Snow in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH -- Shoveling snow is never fun -- especially when it's very cold outside, but a Plymouth father claims to have found the secret to getting his sidewalk clear.

Hannah and Caden Spiro were hard at work on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4.

"It's not too bad, but it's really cold, so I don't really like that," said Hannah, 10.

On a day when most of southeastern Wisconsin was included in a winter weather advisory issued by the National Weather Service, the City of Plymouth got more than five inches of snow that began falling on Saturday.

"It's hard, but it's not. Depending on what you're shoveling -- what's underneath the snow," Hannah said.

Hannah and Caden Spiro

As the kids cleared the sidewalk up front, their father helped out in the back.


"Not too bad. It's not real heavy snow, but there's enough of it for shoveling. It's a bit of work," he said.

Their father spent all night Saturday and most of Sunday morning plowing city streets, only to return home from work to continue pushing snow.

"Just the front and the back here. We don't do the alley," the father said.

In the sub-zero temperatures -- Hannah and Caden were driven to finish the job quickly by something other than relief from the cold.

"Give them a couple bucks. It always motivates them," their father said.