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‘It can be confusing:’ 8.5K parking tickets after weekend storm; park on odd side Monday night

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee residents who failed to abide by the winter parking rules during the weekend snowstorm were slapped with a citation. Thousands of them were handed out Saturday, Feb. 3 and Sunday, Feb. 4.

According to the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, roughly 4,300 parking tickets were handed out from Saturday night into Sunday morning. City officials said from Sunday night into Monday morning, an estimated 4,200 parking tickets were handed out.

Approximately 4,000 were handed out Monday night into Tuesday morning, for a grand total of approximately 12,600 tickets in three nights.

Failure to move a vehicle overnight during a declared DPW "Snow Removal Operation" will result in a $40 citation. Vehicles are subject to a possible tow if they have three or more outstanding citations 65 days or more past due. Remember — you also need a valid overnight parking permit to park on a city street.

John Bleidorn said he sees tickets sitting on vehicles outside his East Side home after most major snowfalls. FOX6 News saw at least nine vehicles ticketed on Bleidorn's block Monday morning.

"Usually, you know, just anger and disappointment that they got the ticket there," Bleidorn said. "It can be confusing if you're not aware of the set-up."

Christine Kirkman, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Monday afternoon said she was embracing another round of snow moving into SE Wisconsin.

"I love the snow, so it's a good environment," Kirkman said.

She did say, however, she wishes there were more alternatives near campus.

"I wish they had student parking garages or something. It would be so nice," Kirkman said.

DPW officials said the best thing you can do to avoid a ticket is to follow the posted parking signs.

"What I normally do is check the street signs and the hours," Miguel Garcia said.

As you clear snow at your own home, DPW officials asked that you please not shovel, blow or plow snow back into the street. Additionally, drivers should slow down and allow plow and salt truck drivers plenty of space to do their work.

CLICK HERE for City of Milwaukee Winter Parking Regulations. NOTE: You'll want to park on the *odd* side of the street Monday night, Feb. 5 by 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. Tuesday -- unless a posted sign on that side of the street prohibits it. Posted street signs take precedence in all areas of the city.

CLICK HERE to sign up for parking email and text alerts.

You can also call (414) 286-CITY for assistance.

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