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Watch: When elderly man falls into snow bank, MCTS bus driver races to his rescue πŸ‘

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) officials on Wednesday, Feb. 7 shared yet another video of a driver going above and beyond to help in a time of need.

According to MCTS officials, Kaniquka Jackson was driving on a snowy day near Bayshore Town Center in Glendale when she saw an elderly man trying to catch the bus. As he stepped into a snow bank with his walker in hand, he fell to the ground.

Jackson wasted no time — jumping out of her bus and racing to the man’s side — heading into the snow and cold to lift the man up and out of the snow with help from another good Samaritan.

After she got the man to his feet, Jackson led him onto her bus, helping him to a seat and placing his walker nearby.

She double checked that the man was OK — and even offered to call for help, which he declined.

MCTS officials are thanking Jackson for her kindness, compassion and “MCTS Excellence.”

Way to go, Ms. Jackson!