‘Getting ready:’ Shoppers stock up on supplies as winter storm approaches

MEQUON -- A winter storm headed for SE WI had the weather weary stocking up on supplies and equipment Thursday, Feb. 8.

"We thought we'd better have it here ready to go," said Bob Foshey, Ace Hardware manager.

"I've got shovels. I've got a snowblower. I've got it all now," said a shopper preparing for the storm.

Customers Thursday leaned on places like Ace Hardware in Mequon.

Bob Foshey

"People were coming in at about 8:00 [a.m.], knowing that it's coming," said Foshey.

Foshey said Aisle 23 was getting a lot of attention. Local contractors made the first rush Thursday morning, and the second one happened at lunchtime.

"We still pile up. It's going to happen. We didn't get it early this year and we knew we were going to get it some time of the year," said Foshey.

Shovels were selling well and salt was doing even better.

"Getting ready for the weather and getting ready for the weekend again and more snow," said Frank Canchola, shopper preparing for snow.

Ready or not -- the snow is on the way.

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