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‘Happy to step in:’ Greenfield police officer praised for helping elderly woman shovel her driveway

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GREENFIELD — While many are preparing for the latest winter storm to hit southeast Wisconsin, sometimes the worst part of it is the cleanup. One Greenfield woman is thankful officers were able to help her dig out.

“Called me on the radio and asked if I wanted to come out,” said Officer David Vitek, Greenfield Police Department.

It is not your normal call for backup, but it was one Greenfield Police Officer David Vitek, didn’t hesitate to answer.

David Vitek

“We’re all happy to step in and help out,” said Officer Vitek.

Wednesday afternoon, February 7th another officer noticed something wasn’t right. There was no crime scene or suspicious activity, but an elderly woman shoveling her rather large driveway all alone.

“He said it looked like she was kind of having a little bit of an issue, struggling with shoveling,” said Vitek.

He pulled over and helped out. Two other officers quickly joined in. Within 15 minutes, they had the driveway clear.

“All of us are police officers because w have a commitment to serve our citizens,” said Vitek.

Officers happy help proved a simple gesture can go a long way.

“We saw somebody that needed some help and we were ready to step in,” said Officer Vitek.

Officer Vitek says he is really surprised by all the attention they’ve gotten.

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