A snow day that is not just for kids: Adults join in on all of the fun

FRANKLIN -- Who says kids are the only ones having fun in the snow? In Franklin, winter sport enthusiasts, parents, families and even some teachers are making memories of a lifetime.

"We're having fun out here. I haven't been tubing since I was a little boy," said David Carroll who is visiting from California.

On Friday, February 9th, Mother Nature forced the closures of schools.

"We're all having fun but definitely the adults are having a lot of fun," one person said.

And like many children, some lucky adults are also finding themselves with an unexpected snow day.

"You know how much your body is going to hurt later," Carroll said. "But just being able to spend special memories with you family."

One way to enjoy the fresh powder on the ground is by spending time at the Rock Snow park in Franklin. General Manager David Schmitz says he's preparing for a busy weekend ahead.

"I'm expecting big crowds. I'm hoping when people see snow in their backyard they think skiing and want to come out," Schmitz said.

The park offers skiing, snowboarding and tubing.

"I saw the fresh snow. Six inches of snow -- it doesn't get any better than that," one snowboarder said.

"It's just great like the adrenaline going down and going fast," Rachael Moreno said.

Tubing seems to be a big hit with the grown ups.

"You don't have to walk up the hill. You have a nice conveyor belt so you don't get tired," one person said.

An activity so easy -- all you have to do is take a seat and hold on for a fun ride.

Now if you're wondering where the teachers are on a snow day, FOX6 found a group of teachers staying warm inside the park's lounge area.

"Well, I'm a big fan of the bloody Mary on a nice cold winter day," one teacher said. "We definitely like snow days. It kind of throws a little excitement into the boring winter."

Eventually the snow will melt and everyone will get back into the work routine but memories like these can last a lifetime.

Now if you want to go tubing at the Rock Snow Park, prices vary from weekdays to the weekend. CLICK HERE for the appropriate rates.

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