“I’ve seen worse:” Southern counties clear out snow following heavy snowfall

RACINE COUNTY -- Southern counties saw the most amount of snow Friday, February 9th and major snow cleanup has been going on all day. Both Racine and Kenosha counties got dumped with light and fluffy snow so it has been pretty easy to dust off.  Which didn't make cleanup on the roads and at homes around the counties too backbreaking.

While most people were sleeping, plow drivers in Racine and Kenosha counties were out in full force.

"It gets hectic, especially when we get five plus inches out in one spot," independent plow driver Andy Westman said.

Westman had just finished seven hours on the road.

"I haven't slept in about two days," Westman said.

His plow has been seen better days as well, preparing for repairs at Maxon Equipment in Kenosha.

"It took a beating this morning. It's just a little half ton so it's showing its wear. It's an older plow," Westman said.

"I've seen worse," Paul Schultz said.

Schultz was up before dawn trying to get ahead of the nine inches that landed in Kenosha on Friday.  After three decades, Schultz says he has found the key to digging out.

"As the plow goes, I put it right on top of there without going into the street cause otherwise they'll fine," Schultz said.

Around five and half inches blew into Racine County. That's where Pete Gumm was finishing up a morning's worth of winter cleanup.

"I had to get up fairly early. I came out first when we had about five to six inches and used the snow plow," Gumm said. "Pretty light stuff not too bad."

On Friday night, plows will be clearing up side roads and tending to trouble spots. Many drivers are getting some much-needed rest before more snow blows in.