Milwaukee spends day digging out and having fun after snowstorm blasts SE Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- Many in the Milwaukee area spent the day digging out. Snow covered streets, cars, and sidewalks kept people busy and the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works is mounting a large cleanup operation beginning Friday night, February 9th.

The DPW says, unless signs tell you differently, cars should be parked on the odd side of the street so plows can push back the snow. Saturday night, February 10th, on the even numbered side, they will do the opposite side of the street.

"We've had a couple hundred incidents," said Lieutenant Nate Clarke, Wisconsin State Patrol.

You see the snow on the streets. There are other eyes watching the interstate system.

"Incidents can be described as anything from disabled vehicles, run-offs, crashes, different severity of crashes so a couple hundred incidents we've been able to monitor with 444 cameras," said Lieutenant Clarke.

The traffic management operation with state patrol and infrastructure specialists dispatch emergency crews to accidents and inform public works about snowy patches. They also inform motorists about highway conditions through electronic highway signs.

The City of Milwaukee, says DPW crews are working twelve-hour shifts to plow and salt 7,000 miles of streets safe and passable. They are using 286 pieces of equipment to accomplish this.

Amanda Andrews used a smaller piece of equipment to clear her sidewalk.

"Yeah exactly. We walk everywhere so we have to shovel this so we can get around," said Andrews.

With the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee canceling classes Friday morning, many who live near the university could dig out.

"Yesterday we had like five people in there," Andrews said.

Sylvester Gray carved out an igloo to celebrate the season.

"It's just a hobby of mine I've had since I was younger," Gray said. "I just like to do it when we get snow. It's something I like to do in the winter."

The State Patrol suggests highway drivers download their 511 app for the latest on road conditions. On the streets of Milwaukee, the alternate side parking begins at 11 p.m. Friday.