Mount Pleasant police warn of people posing as contractors for Foxconn following burglary

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Mount Pleasant police are warning homeowners not to let anyone into their homes that they do not know after a burglary occurred Thursday, February 8th.

The incident happened at a home on County Line Road (Highway KR) at around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The homeowner says a man came into the house advising that he was a contractor working for Foxconn and had hit a water pipe. The suspect told the homeowner that he needed to check the water lines in their home. They allowed the suspect and another man into the home. The two suspects then distracted the homeowners while two other men were entering the house.

Authorities say the homeowners later found that money and jewelry had been taken from the bedroom. The suspects left in a cream-colored SUV.

According to Mount Pleasant police, the area has seen an increase in this type of crime. Police say the suspects will often pretend to be a utility worker of some sorts and try to gain entry into the house or have the homeowners come outside. As the suspect distracts the homeowners, others enter into the home and take money and small items of value.

The Mount Pleasant Police Department asks residents to be vigilant and not let anyone into their residence they do not know.  The Police Department urges residents to contact them immediately if any suspicious activity like this occurs.