“On the line:” Not all students get a snow day following big snowfall

MILWAUKEE -- It was a fine line as thousands of kids in Milwaukee and areas south had a "snow day" while just to the north, class was still in session.

When your school calls a snow day, you can strap a GoPro to a sled.

"We have a snow day the first one in a couple of years," Jennifer Swenson said.

But when your school doesn't cancel class... shoveling is the best we can do.

"For us, the logical choice was a two-hour delay," said Germantown School District Superintendent Jeff Holmes.

On Friday, February 9th, thousands of students in the Milwaukee and areas south were cut loose from school.

"We're both teachers so we're out too enjoying the snow," on teacher said.

But districts just a few miles north had to tough it out.

"Germantown School District was one of those exactly on the line," Holmes said.

Holmes said he feels for the students -- but snowfall totals tapered off just enough in Germantown.

"However we have a crowd of individuals that believe you ought to be going to school when a blizzard occurs," Holmes said. "So for me it's one of those no-win situations."

Germantown School District Superintendent Jeff Holmes

But pretty much any school south of Mequon road called the whole thing off. So out came the sleds and a little bit of humility.

"Oh, I hope they are doing okay, we're having a great time out here," Swenson said.

"I bet they are a little jealous but I think they will be okay," another teacher said.

Snow day and three-day weekend is fun but these students will have to make it up later in the year.