Scam alert: Beware of callers identifying themselves as employees of Ozaukee Co. Sheriff’s Office

Ozaukee County

OZAUKEE COUNTY — The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office has received several complaints regarding scam phone calls in which the caller identifies himself as an employee of the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office and advises the victim there is a warrant for their arrest.

Officials say the caller instructs the victim to wire transfer $1,000 in order to satisfy the warrant and avoid being arrested. Officials say this is a scam and the Sheriff’s Office does not discuss or take payment for valid arrest warrants over the phone.

Anyone who receives a call similar to the one described above is urged not to follow the instructions given and to terminate the phone call. Any legitimate phone calls received from the Sheriff’s Office can be verified by contacting the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone number 262-284-7172.