‘Get healthy, be strong:’ Woman Up! Expo focuses on empowering women

Woman Up!

WEST ALLIS -- Woman Up! It's not just a slogan, but also an event aimed at empowering women.

"I think it's awesome that there are all these events, all these vendors out here, talking about how to help me as a woman succeed," said Terry Conner who attend the expo.

It's an event for the ladies.

"Woman Up! It is such a broad event, but basically it's a day celebrating everything women," Coordinator Rachel Repetti said.

Woman Up!

Woman Up!

Inside the Wisconsin Center at the State Fair grounds on Saturday, February 10th, hundreds of people were out to empower women. A day-long event that Terry Conner, and her friend, planned to spend their morning at.

"Improve my home, improve my health, how to mentally and emotionally improve me," Conner said.

Whether it's mental and spiritual health -- to maybe something a bit more physical: the event's vendors span the gamut.

"Woman Up! promotes strong, healthy and independent women and so do we," Karen Riendaeu with the Brew City Bruisers said.

In addition to vendors pitching, selling and talking about their products -- in their booths that are littered all throughout the hall, there's also a speech component. Lecturers address crowds of people about how they overcame and you can too.

Woman Up!

Intense topics about local issues related to women. Conversations between women ranging from sex trafficking to the more recent #MeToo movement. Bits of conversation, Conner says she's happy to have a dialogue about.

Terry Conner

"Get healthy, be strong, be mentally encouraged," Conner said.

Through discussion of ideas - to products and more, the women of this year's Women Up! are showing that they are stepping up.

This was a one day event, so if you didn't have the chance to make it out there, you'll have to wait until next year to attend. However, information and updates from the hosting groups can be found online all year round.