‘Challenging:’ Snowfall made for busy weekend for plow drivers, sledding hills ❄️ 🛷

WAUKESHA -- Snowfall over the weekend, Friday, Feb. 9 through Sunday, Feb. 11 kept plow drivers busy and sledders headed for the hills.

It was a busy weekend at Lowell Park in Waukesha -- especially after Friday became a snow day for many, with school districts canceling classes after as much as nine inches of snow fell in Kenosha, where the highest total was recorded. For lots of kids in SE WI, it was a three-day weekend, which left plenty of time to play in the snow.

The snow brought some experienced sledders to the park, and some who could use a little work.

"I was thankful I didn't have any plans and we had wanted to go tobogganing anyway, and we bought the sleds last night. It was awesome that we had extra snow because we had a snow day on top of our snow day," Jacqueline Rivest said.

Plow drivers were also busy.

"Being in the snow business, you can never be prepared enough. Obviously we've had a really slow winter so far. It seems when it comes it all comes at one time -- this is something we plan for all winter long. The entire management team, down to the operations team, to our fleet department, to our crews in the field. The challenge over the last couple days, over the last week is keeping our staff well-rested. It's certainly challenging for the crews that we have out in the field --  especially overnight," James Mueller with Winter Services LLC said.

The FOX6 Weather Experts say after nine days of snow in Milwaukee, there are *no* major storms in the six-day forecast. 

That's good news for people like Bob Ackerman.

"I hate winter more and more every year. It can get warm any time it wants now," he said.