‘Injured mallard’ spotted off I-94 near Oconomowoc/Ixonia was actually a decoy 

OCONOMOWOC/IXONIA -- Officials with the Wildlife In Need Center in Waukesha County shared a slightly humorous story on social media that actually illustrates how much people care about the welfare of animals in need.

According to the Wildlife In Need Center, on Monday, Feb. 12, two calls came in from separate concerned citizens about an injured mallard spotted off of I-94 near Oconomowoc and Ixonia.

A volunteer with the center went out and attempted to catch the mallard "despite the fast-moving cars on the expressway," officials said. When he arrived, the volunteer discovered it was a mallard decoy, and not a live mallard.

Officials said the volunteer "gave all of us a good laugh when he returned with the decoy in a kennel cab after his successful rescue."

Wildlife In Need Center officials said they wanted to thank the concerned citizens who called in this case "because we have all been there." They noted that "the amount of times our staff, volunteers and other members of the public have tried to rescue owl, hawk, goose, duck and other animal decoys speaks volumes about their concern for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife."