Fatal wreck: Tow truck driver suffers medical issue, crashes into Pewaukee home

PEWAUKEE -- A tow truck crashed into a home along Wisconsin Ave. in Pewaukee late Monday, Feb. 12, killing the driver. It's believed a medical issue led to the crash and caused his death.

The driver, who hasn't been identified, was towing a vehicle when something went horribly wrong.

"I heard just a really, really loud bang, kind of a metal on metal kind of thing," said Charlie Smart, neighbor.

The "loud bang" was the sound of the tow truck barreling into the home.

"It was right as the train was passing so I wasn't quite sure what was going on. Kind of scared me a bit," said Smart.

Ken Weber Towing

Police said the tow truck driver with Ken Weber Towing picked up a vehicle shortly before the crash. Police say he lost control of the truck.

"I seen the truck sideways against the building. Roads are all blocked off. There were a bunch of firefighters," said Don Lloyd, neighbor.

The driver went through a couple of yards before crashing.

Neighbors said first responders tried to cut the tow truck open to get the man out. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"A very sad, unfortunate event," said Lloyd.

Police said it appears the driver died from a medical condition, and not from the crash.

There was at least one person inside the home at the time. They were not hurt.

"Those are my brothers. We work on the house and we know her personally," said Lloyd.

Neighbors helped the homeowner Tuesday by boarding up the front window.

"To keep the heat in the house," Lloyd said.

While the home was damaged, firefighters said they believed it to be structurally sound.

The crash remains under investigation by the Wisconsin State Patrol.