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Crash debris left on roadways causing concern in Milwaukee: ‘Speaks to a decline in the city’

MILWAUKEE -- It's a problem that is especially noticeable when the snow starts to melt. The high number of car crashes in the City of Milwaukee are cause for concern long after the vehicles have been towed away. This is because some of the debris is never cleaned up.

You don't have to travel far to see the problem.

After a crash Wednesday, Feb. 14 near 36th and Burleigh, there was debris left behind. Neighbors said sometimes the Department of Public Works cleans up, but not always.

"It always happens right here in front of my house," said Coco Johnson.

Johnson said Wednesday in just the last week, a car crashed into her fence and took off, leaving debris behind.

"We had to clean all this stuff up," Johnson said.

"Bumpers and glass laying in the streets where our elders and our children play -- that's something we can't have in the City of Milwaukee," said Alderman Khalif Rainey.

Khalif Rainey

AldermanĀ  Rainey said he's making a push that debris be picked up within 48 hours of a crash. Police said they will be making an effort to direct the DPW to crash debris through their website. Citizens can do the same.

At a DPW meting, officials said they will be pushing out emails and newsletters to citizens about reporting road debris.

"When you see things like this, it speaks to a decline in a city, and I think that's something we want to avoid so doing something that's practical as cleaning up following car accidents makes a big impact in the neighborhood," said Alderman Rainey.

Neighbors FOX6 News spoke with said they want drivers to slow down and avoid crashes, but if that doesn't happen, they said cleaning the debris after is important to keep up the neighborhoods.