‘Really shocked to see this:’ Vehicles damaged by gunfire in West Allis, no one hurt

WEST ALLIS -- Police in West Allis are working to track down a suspect wanted for shooting a half-dozen vehicles parked on one city block. The damage was discovered early Wednesday morning, Feb. 14 near 56th St. and Greenfield Ave.

When West Allis police knocked on his door to report an overnight shooting -- Kevin Ehmke hoped his SUV had been spared.

"I'm really shocked to see this," said Ehmke.

Investigators say someone shot half-a-dozen parked vehicles on 56th St. between Greenfield and Lapham -- including Ehmke's brand new Dodge.

"Well yeah, makes me mad. I just bought this car three months ago," said Ehmke.

Police recovered a number of shell casings and other evidence they hope will lead them to the shooter.

Investigators are still working to determine what type of gun the shooter used -- and exactly when this crime took place.

Vicente Lopez lives across the street. He heard a 'pop, pop, pop' Tuesday night, but didn't think much of it until police knocked on his door early Wednesday morning. He had parked three cars on 56th St. Tuesday night.

"I'm going to report it to insurance," said Lopez.

Neighbors said hearing gunfire is sadly becoming common.

"There's been a lot of things going on in the neighborhood lately. It's getting worse. It's getting worse," said Ehmke.

Ehmke said he's relieved no one was injured -- but still feels uneasy.

Investigators are working with homeowners in the area -- hoping the suspect was caught on someone's home security system.