Snow-covered and slippery: MCTS driver, passenger help woman who fell while crossing street 👍

Michael Karges

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Transit System has shared yet another story of kindness by one of its drivers -- as well as a passenger.

On Feb. 5, a snowy day, Michael Karges was driving his usual bus route.

"Leading up to it, my first reaction when I was watching her cross the street was 'what is she doing out here on a day like today?'" said Karges.

Along 76th St. near Cold Spring Rd., a woman with walking aids was crossing the street.

Brendan Conway

"It's snowing. It's slippery -- and she just falls down, and really falls down very hard," said Brendan Conway, with the Milwaukee County Transit System.

"I reacted. I said 'I have to get out there. I have to get this woman off the ground,'" said Karges.

Karges parked his bus, and within seconds he was helping her back to her feet.

"It was almost like she was in shock. I asked her where she was going. She said she has to get to Walgreens," said Karges.

Michael Karges

Another good Samaritan also stepped in.

"It shows a lot about the community. Caring people are out there, and he reacted," Karges said.

The two didn't stop there. They helped the woman cross the intersection and get to the store.

"It's amazing because people are starting to see the good deeds that these drivers have quite honestly been doing for decades," said Conway.

This isn't the first time Karges has come to the rescue. In 2009, he spotted a missing child.

"He was just wearing a little sport coat, freezing; so I pulled over and got him on my bus, put my big winter jacket on him and was able to reunite him with his parents," said Karges. "It's all part of the job. We are almost like the eyes and ears of the community, and we're faced with these types of situations on a daily basis."

Karges is a veteran driver. He's been with MCTS for nearly 20 years.