With love — and beer — Lakefront Brewery marries couples on Valentine’s Day 💕 ðŸ»

MILWAUKEE -- It's becoming a Valentine's Day tradition for a Milwaukee company already steeped in the heritage of Brew City. Lakefront Brewery helped couples wed and renew their vows on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

Weddings, Valentine's Day -- and of course, beer -- Lakefront Brewery found a way to mix all three.

"All of a sudden on Facebook this popped up again, and we were like 'we could do that.' We spent a lot of time at Lakefront together," said Cody Jahns-Wroten, groom.

For the third year, the urban brewery performed wedding ceremonies for free.

"I think right now we have 26 couples and that's not counting the folks coming in to have their vows renewed," said Omedga Burckhardt, Lakefront Brewery.

"Knew each other for probably three years before we started dating actually," said Joyce Kubash.

Kubash and Tracy Schessow were the first to say, "I do."

Martin Lyev flew in from Boston to give away his daughter and toast all the others.

"I've been looking forward to this for a while now. We've been planning this for about a month," said Lisa Lyev, renewed vows.

In addition to new love, Lakefront President Russ Klisch presided over six couples recommitting themselves.

"This is our sixth vow renewal over 14 years and I still cry every time," said a couple.

Showing a bond can be made even stronger by beer.