Students kept in classrooms at school in Pleasant Prairie after threat discovered

Lakeview Technology Academy

PLEASANT PRAIRIE — Pleasant Prairie police said on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 15 a written threat was discovered in a bathroom at Lakeview Technology Academy located on 88th Ave. near 93rd Pl. in Pleasant Prairie.

The threat was discovered shortly before 1 p.m., and as a result, students were kept in their classrooms for the remainder of the day.

The school resource officer was at the school when the threat was located.

Students were dismissed at the regular time of 2:38 p.m.

Additional Pleasant Prairie police resources were assigned to the school while the threat was being investigated.

School officials said there is no imminent danger to staff and students at this time.

Pleasant Prairie Police Department

Police are working closely with Lakeview Technology Academy and Kenosha Unified School District officials as they continue their investigation to identify the source of the threat.

The Pleasant Prairie Police Department is devoting extra attention and resources to the schools in Pleasant Prairie after the shooting in Florida Wednesday — which will continue “for the foreseeable future.”