Tangled in Sauk County: DNR wardens, wildlife biologists help free 2 bucks with antlers locked

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SAUK COUNTY — Wisconsin DNR conservation wardens and wildlife biologists are being credited with helping a pair of bucks that had locked their antlers near Lake Delton. It all unfolded beginning on Sunday evening, Feb. 11th.

Credit: Wisconsin DNR

Officials with the Wisconsin DNR say wardens Alex Brooks and Rich Maki returned first thing Monday to investigate the report of the tangled bucks. After doing a little looking around, a driver caught their attention and pointed them in the direction of the bucks in need.

One of the bucks was a ten-pointer — the other one was a nine-pointer. Officials say when the wardens spotted the deer, the animals were still full of energy, trying to get apart from one another.

Credit: Wisconsin DNR

Hours later, with help from wildlife biologists, a immobilization chemical was used to calm the deer just long enough to safely separate them.


Next, they had to use a “reversal agent” to ease the freed deer out of their slumber. Within minutes, the two bucks got up and walked away together.

DNR Conservation Wardens Alex Brooks, Rich Maki

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