‘Keep going with life:’ Despite losing home in fire, Brewers fan is first in line at Arctic Tailgate

Brewers Arctic Tailgate

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Brewers' fans got their first opportunity Saturday, February 17th to buy single game tickets for this upcoming season. Those first in line got there Friday to Arctic Tailgate -- and the man at the head of the line says he wouldn't miss it for anything.

Baseball season is more than just watching sports. It's a time when people can be among their support system. Being with other fans who are just as dedicated to the experience as you are. Loyalty that is never more evident than during Arctic Tailgating.

Brewers Arctic Tailgate

Zach Zwadzich

"Me and my friends have been doing this for 10 years now," lifelong Brewers fan, Zach Zwadzich said.

Just looking at Zach Zwadzich, you wouldn't know that recently he lost everything.

"A week ago today, I come home from work about 5:15 in the morning. At around 5:30 [a.m], my house started on fire," Zwadzich said.

Less than 30 minutes later -- most of the house was gone. Photos taken after the last ember died out show the devastation a skeleton home in the ice, and the snow.

"It's been a crazy week, but I'm here and I knew that I just had to keep going with life," Zwadzich said.

Accompanied by some of his best friends, Zwadzich doesn't miss a beat.

"My friends were actually awesome enough to chip in for me and get the tickets," Zwadzich said. "But I just feel like it's better to get back to your normal life and do what you have been doing."

The group bought over a dozen tickets for this upcoming season. There's a lot of hype behind the team this year so fans are looking forward to it. In addition to them, hundreds of other people also showed up for opening day of ticket sales. But for Zwadzich, he knows that despite his fire in the snow -- at Miller Park, he's at his home away from home.

"Try to move forward and be who you've always been," Zwadzich said.

At the end of the day, cold or not, tailgating is meant to be fun. And with good company -- there are never any shortage of smiles. It's also not a tailgating experience at Miller Park without a bite to eat; Johnsonville served up thousands of free brats for those at the event.

Brewers Arctic Tailgate