‘Bring it back:’ Picasso print worth up to $50K reported stolen from Milwaukee art appraiser

MILWAUKEE -- A valuable, signed, original Pablo Picasso print was stolen from the DeLind Fine Art Appraisals on Friday, Feb. 16. The piece is worth an estimated $35,000 to $50,000.

The 1949 print was in the downtown Milwaukee art gallery at the corner of Mason and Jefferson.

Appraiser, Bill DeLind, said his business partner noticed it was missing around 2 p.m. Friday.

Bill DeLind

"Some of what went through my mind couldn't be repeated on television," DeLind said. "But it was shock and a big disappointment...I think most people are genuinely good and people don't just steal things, so it's always a disappointment."

DeLind said he doesn't think the thief knew what he or she got away with.

"We've never had tags up. We've never had prices up. Not even identifying the artist, so somebody maybe just got lucky," said DeLind.

According to DeLind, someone could have walked in the unlocked door unnoticed, because he and his business partner were upstairs. There are no surveillance cameras in the gallery either.

"We have been planning this for some time, and because of the busy-ness of our schedules, have just not gotten around to being able to do it," DeLind said.

DeLind said he's hoping a camera across the street captured the thief. He filed a police report. DeLind then called nearby art appraisers and museums, and art galleries around the country in case the Picasso print turns up.

The piece is pretty distinguishable. Picasso only did 30 of them and he signed each with a green crayon in the lower right corner.

DeLind has a message for the person who has it:

"First of all, bring it back. I'm not sure I'm in a position to negotiate. You'll be forgiven or no harm will come, but I will say, I want the artwork back."

Milwaukee police have confirmed a report was filed for the stolen painting. However, they have not told us whether they have any suspects.